'Kick' - 'pay' An online payment gateway, to disrupt digital payment systems for entrepreneurs.

CIC Pay will be the foundation for innovation on our blockchain, providing a brand new payment gateway that will allow for seamless exchange between CIC and FIAT currencies, and enable CIC payments for your business. Our impartial service has no restrictions for "taboo" niche stores and offers minimal fees, providing safe and efficient processing of transactions and delivery of funds with both buyer and seller protection.

With a robust KYC protocol to speed up transactions, CIC Pay will also allow for fully decentralized crypto payments with its built-in escrow system, protecting users from scams. As our chain grows, CIC Pay will be integrated into various platforms in our ecosystem, creating a fully operational crypto payment solution with enterprise-grade security, built for the people.

You can expect the following features from CIC Pay:

  • Bank-grade security

  • Buyer and seller protection via escrow

  • Lower fees for sellers

  • A decentralized payment option

  • Easy integration into your online business

  • Fast speeds for buying or selling CIC with FIAT currency

  • Alternative crypto payment options (such as stablecoins or other major altcoins)

  • Expansive and progressive list of applications in which CIC Pay can be integrated

  • Private transaction capabilities - CIC Pay can be used "Off-chain," which means the privacy of transactions can be hidden from the general public. This is an optional feature that caters to businesses that require data protection.

  • The ability to earn passive income rewards from the revenue in your account, with our optional auto-stake feature.

In the future, we plan to include optional accountancy software with CIC Pay for businesses, allowing them to manage their books seamlessly and reducing the need to input transaction data into their software.

*Please note that this accountancy software is an add-on for CIC Pay and may not be available immediately upon launch.

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