Crazy Internet Coin

The native coin that represents the CIC Chain.

Crazy Internet Coin (CIC) is a governance and utility coin for the CIC Chain. It's both scalable and upgradable, offers very low gas fees, has zero finality (which means immediate transaction confirmation), and has high throughput.

CIC Chain is a decentralized smart contract platform that was meticulously planned and designed to disrupt the crypto and DeFi space. The name Crazy Internet Coin was chosen to make a lasting impression and stand out among other cryptocurrencies. The name not only pays tribute to the meme-coin-style cryptocurrency investor but also embodies the bold ambition of the team behind this blockchain. Our technology is robust, secure, fast and versatile, making it suitable for every type of cryptocurrency investor and developer. The CIC Chain is not just about a name, but a platform that offers the most intelligent smart contract technology on the planet. We have considered every aspect of the platform to ensure that it delivers value to our users.

Crazy Internet Coin is EVM compatible, which means that it can bridge across any other EVM chains with ease, and allow other chains to bridge to CIC Chain, as a wrapped version that is more scalable, cheaper and faster to use.

The maximum total supply of Crazy Internet Coin was 222 million coins. These were minted upon its creation and the coinomics are as follows:

In order for any of the 60% of the supply to enter circulation, a proposal must be submitted to our DAO, then consensus must be achieved amongst all active voting members who participate within the allotted time. CIC Labs has 5 team members in the DAO who each have one vote. All other participants have one vote each too - creating a perfectly democratic way to manage the supply of $CIC.

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