Imprism Technology

Discover how CIC Chain's Eco-conscious block structure and Imprism technology provide a fast, secure, and sustainable blockchain solution for the future.

CIC Chain leverages cutting-edge 'Imprism' technology, a hybrid consensus mechanism that blends aspects of Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA) with CIC Chain's proprietary Imprism technology. Imprism technology integrates a unique refraction mechanism, Proof of Refraction (PoR), that boosts the scalability of PoS and PoA blockchains, increasing their efficiency by up to 90%. Here are the key features of Imprism technology:

  • Hybrid consensus mechanism that combines PoSA (Proof of Staked Authority) & Imprism Technology

  • PoR (Proof of Refraction) for further scalability improvements

  • Ox reduction of cryptographic hash codes to save storage space and energy

  • Zero finality for instant transaction confirmation

  • EcoBlock variable block time for sustainability & reduction of carbon emissions

  • 90% more efficient than traditional PoS and PoA blockchains

Imprism technology optimizes the PoSA components to make it up to 90% more efficient than traditional PoS and PoA blockchains. The PoR refraction mechanism divides data into smaller fragments and distributes them among various nodes, making the process faster, more secure, and more scalable. Imprism's Ox reduction of cryptographic hash codes saves storage space and energy, while zero finality ensures immediate transaction confirmation. Block times for transfers are set at 1 second, while smart contract interactions default to 5 seconds, giving the network more speed and flexibility. The EcoBlock variable block time showcases CIC Chain's commitment to sustainability, making it a highly reliable and eco-friendly solution for blockchain technology.

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