Learn about CIC Chain's launchpad and how it offers a secure platform for investors to invest in solid projects with low scam risk, while providing developers with technical, marketing, and financial

CIC Chain is excited to launch our own launchpad, CICPad, for new startups on our network. We welcome development teams to submit their ideas to us for a manual review, after which we will shortlist the best from the bunch. Once shortlisted, the CIC community can vote on the best project ideas, and we will provide financial support for development, technical assistance, and marketing support from our in-house team to the winning projects.

Investors can stake their CIC to earn a designated whitelist spot on our CICPad. All projects will be publicly advertised on our social channels and receive ongoing marketing support from our team. You can invest in solid projects with low scam risk, as we will launch only one project a month, prioritizing quality over quantity. While staking, investors will also earn passive income for their participation.

Developers will receive technical, marketing, and financial support to help build their projects from the ground up, ready for launch on our CICPad. We will audit all smart contracts as a standard practice, free of charge for selected projects. This is a complete startup package where your project will be showcased to thousands of potential investors for three weeks before launch.

CICPad provides a unique opportunity for startups to receive financial and marketing support, as well as exposure to potential investors. Our CICPad launchpad focuses on quality over quantity, providing a secure platform for investors to invest in solid projects with low scam risk. For developers, we provide technical, marketing, and financial assistance to help turn your ideas into successful startups.

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