Learn to Earn

The worlds biggest 'Learn to Earn' (L2E) platform is coming.

The team at CIC Chain is committed to building the world's largest L2E (Learn to Earn) platform. Here, users can earn CIC or other tokens as a reward for learning all about blockchain technology, utility, and safer trading. CIC is dedicated to empowering the next generation of investors, which is why our L2E platform will be available to anyone aged 11 and up. That's right; 11-year-olds can access our platform and earn free crypto for learning about it. Our platform will be completely user-friendly, and we will keep technical jargon to a minimum, or at least explain what it means as best we can in this whitepaper.

By targeting everyone aged 11+ and creating a referral bonus, we anticipate significant global growth with viral potential. Our L2E platform will teach you everything you need to know about blockchain technology and use CIC as a primary case study during its lessons. You will learn about trading, safety, utilities, NFTs, tokens, wallets, and more, including how to identify scams. We believe blockchain technology is the future of finance, and we want to help as many people as possible transition to a world where crypto is no longer a thing to be feared. Mass adoption is the ultimate goal, and our L2E platform, combined with our versatile technology, can be a driving force in making that happen.

CIC Chain is also committed to sustainability. We understand that creating the world's largest L2E platform would require us to give away a lot of crypto, so our ecosystem will fund your earnings. Many other L2E platforms require airdrops that can be distributed among its participants, but CIC will invest in various passive income streams, including staking pools. We will combine this with revenue generated from our ecosystem to fund our rewards. Additionally, CIC Chain will monetize its videos and display short advertisements at the start of each one. This will generate revenue to continually purchase more CIC from exchanges to fund the platform. This will ensure that our L2E platform can continue to grow and provide rewards sustainably, without causing negative price pressure. Users of our platform can utilize their free crypto with CIC pay almost immediately or hold them in their wallets.

We aim to release a beta version of our L2E platform in Q4 of 2022, with the full site dropping in 2023. Education is also important for developers, and CIC Chain is committed to building a development platform filled with resources to support you in building on our network. As we grow, our educational platform will expand, and we will provide financial incentives for developers to utilize our chain.

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